Waste Water Monitoring


WasteWater Monitoring

1. Why do we need to install a wastewater monitoring station?

Automatic wastewater monitoring is a system installed at the place where wastewater has been treated with pollutant elements. The system will monitor the flow and measure the water quality through the indicators measured at the installation points.

In some key areas, the installation of wastewater monitoring helps management agencies to closely monitor the discharge, monitor the quality and volume of wastewater. The continuous nature of the monitoring station will help to provide timely response measures if there is an incident.

Thanks to the wastewater monitoring station, factories can control the quality of treated (but substandard) water to the ecological environment, thereby making appropriate adjustment measures.

For management agencies, investing in automatic wastewater monitoring stations for industrial parks and enterprises with large waste sources is an effective solution in monitoring the quality of wastewater. At the same time, it is possible to monitor the system online (online), limiting human resources during the inspection process.

The automatic wastewater monitoring system consists of three main parts:

·         Field water quality data collection and measurement system.

·         Data transmission system.

·         Central monitoring system.

Schematic diagram of automatic wastewater monitoring system.

2. How the water metering system works:

Monitoring devices will be placed in a separate closed cabinet (base station). Periodically according to the specified time, the treated wastewater will be pumped into the base station. Inside the base station, sensors measure the water quality and transmit the data to the signal receiver. These data are transmitted to the control station (Central Station) located at the monitoring center and at the same time transmitted to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

The measured wastewater sample will be circulated to the discharge gas pit. In necessary situations, the monitoring system manager can control the base station to automatically sample and store samples.

3. What criteria does the water metering system include?

Inmatech Corp

The monitoring criteria for wastewater quality will depend on each industry sector. Some basic parameters for wastewater: COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), TSS (Total Suspended Solids), pH, Color, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Residual Chlorine, Ammonia, Phosphate, Nitrate, TDS, DO …

In addition to basic criteria, automatic wastewater monitoring stations installed by Inmatech can measure most complex criteria such as: Heavy metals (Cu, Cr, CN, Fe, Pb, As, Ni) , Zn), mercury, cyanide...

4. Inmatech automatic continuous wastewater monitoring station:

Units that have demand for wastewater monitoring stations can completely design and purchase equipment for installation by themselves, but to make the monitoring system run stably and with less maintenance costs, requires a team of experienced professionals. At Inmatech, we provide monitoring station solutions from consulting, designing, installing a wastewater monitoring station according to international standards, with outstanding advantages:

3D design of the wastewater monitoring station house.

  • Compact
  • Affordability
  • Operate with high reliability, low maintenance
  • Respond to monitoring requests from environmental agencies
  • Provide quick results, promptly give response measures
  • The system is designed flexibly to meet the actual requirements of customers
  • Provide management software on website & mobile application, making monitoring easier



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