About us

Inmatech Corporation is one of the leading distributors in Maritime Industry, offering maritime technical products and services meeting global standards, across our multinational distribution channel. With our professional and active team, we offer customers comprehensive maritime solutions, in a timely and satisfactory manner.

We have the opportunity to approach and learn from the world’s leading companies in the world’s maritime environment. In such a competitive environment, Inmatech Corporation are required to have great enthusiasm and the determination to contribute to the local and global maritime industries.

We are enthusiastically contributing to enhance seafarers’ knowledge and skills in maritime community, establish and promote advanced practices and procedures that foster professionalism and enhance the status of maritime professionals in Vietnam and the regions.

We offer Nautical Publications & Paper Charts, ENC & ECDIS, DP System, materials and equipments for Oil & Gas industry, Marine Navigation & Communication equipments and systems, Hydrographic equipments, Defence & Security equipments, Simulators, Vessel Traffic Services, Navigation Buoys & Lights,... together with any related services.

Inmatech distribute maritime products and services from the most reputable manufacturers in the world, including Kongsberg, Admiralty, Navmaster, etc

We are now Admiralty Digital Distributor with Admiralty digital products range: ADP (Admiralty digital publication), AVCS, ARCS, e-Navigator,  e-NP,...


With the high-quality products and services we offer, Inmatech have been able to have many great customers, such as those Maritime Universities, Colleges and Institutes in Vietnam or great companies like PTSC, Vietsovpetro, PVTrans, etc. 

Leveraging the cooperative relationships, together with different opportunities to access and learn from the leading maritime companies in the world, and the qualifications, experience of our talented, enthusiastic, and dynamic team, we are trying our best to develop and strive for the goal to modernize the country’s maritime industry.



In the next 5-10 years, Inmatech will become one of the leading distributors in Asian Maritime Industry, providing the most comprehensive products and technical solutions, with high-quality devices and services for not only mariners, but also those training centers and institutes.


Inmatech will be among the top distributors, with valuable contribution to regional Maritime Industry, offering comprehensive solutions with valuable technology products, and any related services or training programs for mariners and training centers or institutes.


We always keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest scientific and technical advances, and take advantage of learning opportunities from those leading manufacturers in Maritime Industry to enhance  professional qualifications; since Inmatech’s mission is contributing to technology upgrading and human resources quality improving process, by offering new technology and extensive training opportunities directly to our customers in the industry or through the training centers.

Vision, mission
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