ECDIS training

All bridge officers on vessels which have ECDIS as the primary means of navigation are required to complete two types of ECDIS training:

Generic ECDIS training is based on IMO Model Course 1.27 and approved by the relevant Maritime Administration.  The required course length is 40 hours and is delivered by colleges, training centres or mobile training company.

Type-specific ECDIS training is given by the ECDIS manufacturer or his authorized representative.  Also known as ECDIS Familiarisation, the regulatory requirements are covered by the ISM Code (including sections 6.3 & 6.5) and the STCW Convention Regulation I/14, which require a company to establish procedures to ensure that new personnel and personnel transferred to new assignments related to safety and protection of the environment are given proper familiarisation with their duties.

 We can assist ship owners with these training obligations by offering:

 Type specific Navmaster ECDIS training:

  We can assist ship owners with these training obligations by offering:

 - Type specific training courses:

  • Simrad E5024
  • Simrad MARIS ECDIS900
  • JRC JAN-701/901/2000
  • JRC JAN-7201/9201
  • Navmaster ECDIS
  • SAM Electronics CHARTPILOT
  • TOKYO KEIKI EC-8100/8600
  • Transas Navi-Sailor 400
  • Consilium S-ECDIS (Standard-ECDIS)

-  Generic ECDIS training

Generic ECDIS training

 We supply a DNV-approved Desktop ECDIS Trainer in various configurations from software only to larger installations.

 The ECDIS simulators provide an advanced affordable solution for generic ECDIS training.  The range is designed for maritime training centres and individual ship owners in compliance with the latest STCW requirements.

  "These simulators give our students an excellent tool to learn all about ECDIS and how it is used onboard." Capt van der Vee, General Manager, Wallem Maritime Training Centre

 Key benefits

  • ECDIS training according to IMO ECDIS Model Course 1.27, July 2012 revision
  • DNV-approved simulator and ECDIS, satisfying inspection authorities
  • Individual and classroom training
  • Run on standard Windows 7 PCs and Ethernet
  • Simulators range from software only to Full Mission Bridge Simulator

ECDIS training network

For colleges already equipped with a desktop or full mission bridge simulator, we offer a networkable ECDIS system which interfaces to any bridge simulator via standard NMEA connection to deliver the practical elements of IMO Model Course 1.27.

ECDIS training software system

 Navmaster ECDIS for training is designed to provide a suitable system to organisations which need to deliver generic training in the operational use of ECDIS.


It consists of type approved ECDIS software which can be run on standard PCs and networks, allowing instructors to combine teaching theory with hands-on experience which is as close as possible to experience onboard. All the practical elements of IMO Model Course 1.27 can be carried out and assessed. When the Navmaster network is interfaced to ship simulators students experience a real-life simulation of a navigational watch using ECDIS.

 Key benefits

  • Type approved and up-to-date against all current regulations
  • Supports all official chart formats
  • Includes AIS & ARPA, advanced passage planning, lines of position, parallel indexing 
  • Electronic charts at half price or in some cases free
  • Actual voyage data can be replayed
  • Can be connected to real bridge instruments and bridge simulators

Network installation allows large classes to be taken at once


  • Radar video overlay with digital processor
  • Admiralty TotalTide integration for worldwide tidal height & stream
  • Tidal atlas display (UK continental shelf)

Training requirements

To operate paperless, ship owners are required to ensure their navigators complete two types of training: generic ECDIS training provided by an STCW approved organisation, and type-specific training often provided by the manufacturer.

Combine both types of ECDIS training

For Navmaster customers, generic and type-specific training can be achieved in one course if they attend a college equipped with Navmaster ECDIS for Training.

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