GPMS – Vessel Management Program

 Remote fleet monitoring and management is a complex and challenging process, especially for large fleets with diverse schedules, frequent changes and 24/7/365 operations.

Days and nights, crew members as well as officers always face the questions of effective operation and resources usage. In addition, equipment maintenance, equipment upgrade or keeping crew members updated with lastest news are extremely important.

GPMS is the answer to that question: A convenient software with any-where access, easy-to-use interface and outstanding efficiency. GPMS grants its users high-tech management methods: more effective, more advantageous and more secure.

  With supportive applications and productive tools, fleet management has never been simpler.GPMS Features

1. Maintenance and Repairation Management

  • Prepare, save and export periodic maintenance plans and instruct crew member on the work required.
  • Save Request for Repair based on the form of Safety Management System
  • Notice of upcoming tasks to be performed
  • Save and export reports of completed work, completed repairs, including photos and attachments
  • Save and export the list of overdue maintenance and info of person in charge

2.Tools and Material Management

  • Save the list of Part Numbers of supplies and equipment on board.
  • Manage the quantity of supplies with Goods Receipt, Goods Issue and Report of used materials.
  • Manage material requests and supplies; export inventory report in compliance with Safety Management System
  • Export monthly report of Material receipt and use in compliance with Safety Management System
  • Automatically notify via email when inventory is less than minimum or material expires.
  • Manage the running hours of high-value supplies

3. Crew Management 

  • Store and retrieve the list of crew members; personal information, seniority, Certificates etc.
  • Notify via email about Certificates that are going to expire. Build and save the renewal plan.
  • Automatically check the Certificates of crew members according to the assigned position.
  • Automatically transfer the Certificate and information of Crew member in accordance with shifting orders.
  • Monitor and manage crew working / vacation time, automatically issue shifting orders and labor contracts
  • Statistics run of crew members seniority

4. Certificate Management

  • Store, retrieve information and archive lists of Certificate on board, including scanned copies.
  • Notify by email about Certificates that are about to expires. Build and save the renewal plan.
  • Automatically check and send alert when ship's Certificates do not meet requirements.
  • Automatically update Certificate information to GPMS program on board when there are new updates from the office.

5. Procurement Management 

  • Store and export quotation requests
  • Store quotations and purchase approvals
  • Store and export Purchase Order
  • Monitor and manage debt to suppliers
  • Store the receipt information in accordance with reports from vessels
  • Support in financial planning, export financial reports for procurement

6. Safety management 

  • Save the ship's defect information from safety checks, including scanned documents and actual photos
  • Save information on remedial plans, including illustrative evidence
  • Export safety statistics and  report by ship, fleet, time, type of root cause

7. Training Management 

  • Providing CBT courses (Computer Base Training) to help crew members learn independently
  • Notify of modules that crew members must learn / update according to the company's regulations for each title.
  • Save and export the lists, reports and statistics on number of crew, number of modules each member learned with results

8. Vessel Tracking 

  • Store and display location, heading, speed… that are automatically sent from vessels.
  • Store and display notes about ship's plan on the tracking screen, helping stakeholders to easily follow ship's plan.
  • Display the ship's trail in any previous time period.

9. Technical Information Monitoring

  • Display in table / graph form and store ship specifications such as exhausted gas temperature, engine rotation, fuel level, etc. based on automatically reported data from vessel.
  • Display the technical information of vessel at any time before. 

 Outstanding Benefits of GPMS

  • Immediately grasp the operating status and position of vessel
  • Be proactive in planning and arranging work schedules on board
  • Be proactive in maintaining and upgrading equipment on board
  • Be proactive in planning trainings sessions and updating information for vessel
  • Manage personnel, equipment and other resources effectively
  • Automate management, inventory and reporting processes
  • Provide anytime and anywhere access, save up to 80% of management time and cost

System network and UI


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