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Navmaster Pilot

Navmaster Pilot is a simple-to-use electronic chart system based on Type Approved Navmaster ECDIS software and with additional features to assist pilots.

Navmaster Pilot provides software and wireless interfacing so that a pilot can connect his own laptop to ship's AIS within minutes of arriving onboard. No cables are necessary: communications between laptop and ship's AIS pilot plug are wireless.

The system has been extensively tested by UK deep sea pilots, and the test results reported in The Pilot magazine.

Key Benefits:

-  Automatic download of ship's dimensions from AIS

-  Automatic position monitoring (from AIS and/or GPS)

-  Route and passage planning

-  Multiple chart format compatibility

-  Online chart updating

-  Interface to Admiralty TotalTide

-  Interface to Proudman Tidal Stream

 Automatic download of ship's dimensions from AIS  -  Automatic position monitoring (from AIS and/or GPS)  -  Route and passage planning  -  Multiple chart format compatibility  -  Online chart updating  -  Interface to Admiralty TotalTide  -  Interface to Proudman Tidal Stream

Navmaster Pilot in operation using official ENC data and showing AIS target list and ship dimensions automatically downloaded from AIS.

"The system works together excellently and is user-friendly. I can certainly recommend this system to anyone intending to go electronic. PC Maritime have been extremely helpful in the initial set-up and fine-tuning of the system." Captain Andrew Ward, UK deep sea pilot

The complete Navmaster Pilot set-up

-  You need: A laptop with Windows XP or 2000

-  We supply:

+  Navmaster Pilot software

+  Bluetooth wireless interface to ship's pilot plug

+  Electronic charts as appropriate Options

Bluetooth USB dongle

-  If your laptop does not have Bluetooth capability, you can add a Bluetooth USB dongle

Bluetooth GPS

-  To maintain a back-up position source, you can add a Bluetooth GPS to your set-up Navmaster Pilot main features

- AIS Interfacing

+  AIS interfacing includes the automatic download of ship's dimensions

+  Clear display of AIS target information

+  Information filtered between Dynamic, Static and Voyage

+  On-screen labelling, selectable by the user

+  Quick View button to display selected text labels momentarily

+  Display true scale target outline with solid or transparent fill

+  Manual entry option for ship's dimensions

-  Route and passage planning

+  Alternate route, which can be displayed onscreen alongside the primary route

+  Multiple routes display

+  Chart annotations including text, points, lines, areas

+  Alarms & warnings generated from ENC charts, eg hazards, cautionary areas

+  Ability to draw your own safety contours to obtain alarms (eg when using ARCS charts)

+  Ability to set alarms at critical points (eg call VTS)

-  Position monitoring

+  Navmaster accepts a primary and secondary position input

+  Secondary position source can be used via Bluetooth GPS as back-up

+  If the primary input fails, Navmaster automatically switches to the secondary

+  Full range of VRMs, EBLs, Parallel Indexing etc

+  ETA calculation

+  Danger and safety contour alarms

+  Off track alarms (XTE)

-  Voyage data recording

+  Ability to record all sensor inputs from ship - this is in addition to the normal log and track record

+  Ability to replay the data at a later date including AIS targets, in real time or speeded up

-  Electronic charts

+  Compatible with ARCS, CM-ENC, BSB, C-Map CM93/3, Seafarer

+  Online updating

+  Update history management

+  Visual display of previously applied updates

-  Tidal height and stream

-  Direct interfacing to Admiralty TotalTide

-  Integration with Proudman Tidal Stream models for UK and continental shelf

-  Tidal height and stream  -  Direct interfacing to Admiralty TotalTide  -  Integration with Proudman Tidal Stream models for UK and continental shelf

The bluetooth Pilot (bottom right) with pilot plug connector attached. Also attachedis the USB battery pack. Not shown is a USB travel charger. The total weight of allthese components is less than 300g.